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Craft your
tempting brand 
with me now!


Consider this your creative space - It’s where all your brand materials and lead generating websites get devised with proven process & strategies. 


Being booked out months in advance and having a waitlist of clients ready to work with you. 
Invest your time in more productive aspects of your business rather than spending hours in designing a website from scratch all by yourself.
Confidently presenting yourself outside and get all praises.
Collecting leads and generating sales even while you sleep.
Here's  What
you need

Streamlined design process

You need a goal-driven website that works for you and is optimized to help you easily achieve your business and income goals.

high converting website

You need a website that's primed to sell your signature offerings and convert your website visitors into paying customers. 

Clean professional design

You need a brand that is cohesive, polished, strategic, matches your level of expertise, and allows you to show up with confidence.

Here's  How 

Work with me & Grow Your Brand Aesthetically

This is our streamline process that you work along with me as you book us

& craft your new you with us.

Let’s get to know each other and talk about what you are looking for in your branding. I will e-mail you a questionnaire to fill out and e-mail back to me.

Your Questionnare

I'll create unique logo design concepts & you get upto 5 revisions. I revise and improve the logo design based on your comments and requests for changes.

Design Your Brand

I'll put together a brand board on Pinterest to get a clear direction before creating any design.

Personalize Your Brand Style 

I expand on the final logo design by creating all the branding pieces depending on the package you choose, so it all goes together seamlessly.

Grow Your Brand
I help you create a handcrafted, intentional brand and website design so you can finally feel confident in your business while raising your prices and booking those perfect-for-you clients who aren’t afraid to pay premium prices for the exceptional work you do. All so you can get back to living your life. 
- Shivangi Dubey
Your Place to create killer brand right away

Are you ready to scale to new heights with a brand that reflects the ‘new you?

Does this sound like you?

You've started a business but, you barely make any impressive deals. Clients do come but no return clients ever show up.

Its hard for people to remember you back with the look and name you've created.

You are embarassed to show clients your website.

You are ready to scale your business and don't know where to start.

You are ready to start advertising, but need a consistent brand

Don't worry!

You are not Alone!

You are experiencing this because you are not having ......

Consistent theme.

Cohesive color palette to your brand.

Good recognizable branding.

Responsive branded design website matching your required vibe

in all a complete cohesive easy to use brand experience.

Wela Upshot

Real websites by real people

See our premium templates in action—working hard and growing businesses on behalf of real-life business owners like you.