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WELA wix templates explained


Our premium Wix website templates are pre-made custom websites that come with a helpful tutorials & guides and are hand-delivered to your Wix account for you to customize.

can  I customize the template myself?

Wix is a Drag & drop website building platform so, at the time, it’s possible for you to once received your template work on it to make it your own by editing default photos with your brand ones and dummy text with your set text. Our templates are pre-made websites that live in our account - we can hand a template over to you by duplicating our demo site and giving you access to you. You can refer to HOW TO CUSTOMIZE A PREMIUM WIX TEMPLATE for more

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upon purchase, what all I can customize

colors & theme

Replace your brand colors & font (if needed/work with the set ones) with the given color palette from the site theme and set upon a consistent theme for your website.


Replace the given dummy images to your brand images. 

dummy text

Replace the given dummy text with your specified headlines & CTA and also change the color and text of given button to make your website look aesthetic. Also change the links where ever needed to make it work for you

In short, everything can be edited and replaced but make sure edit them only when needed.

You might wonder...

Hey! I do have a website in Wix, can I just apply your template into it?

Sorry, but Wix do not support applying different themes as WordPress to a current website but yes, you can simply start a new website afresh and then add your domain to it.

I have an active domain attached to my another Wix site, how to stitch it to the new one?

To transfer a domain purchased from Wix to a different Wix account: Go to Domains in your Wix account. Click the More Actions icon next to the relevant domain. Click Transfer to a Different Wix Account. Enter the email address and password of the Wix account where you're transferring the domain. Click Transfer Domain

In addition to it, You can transfer domains that were not purchased from Wix between your Wix accounts. 

But wait, I have a huge blog already running and I want to start a new site from a blank slate. Can you migrate my blog posts, comments, and e-commerce data for me?

Yes! You can import blog posts from one Wix site to another. This is a great way to merge content from multiple blogs into one blog. Click here to learn more

Important Note

To know everything in detail from designing a website in wix to editing & purchasing a perfect plan to match your goals click here

Launch your website in easy four steps



Purchase a stylish template & tell us which installation option you prefer



Replace demo content in the template & customize the style options



Watch the tutorials, prep your graphics and write your website copy



Purchase a subscription and go live! Celebrate your launch by sharing on social

What is a Wix sales page? How is it different from regular templates?

Our custom sales page templates give you more layout options on top of standard Wix  functions and link to your site without hurting the existing website. They are for people who have an existing Wix site and need a sales page but don’t want to mess with the existing website. Sales pages are also available as standalone sites.

Do I need to understand codes to edit & use your website ?

No, there are no specific coding included all are inbuilt and responsive with the Wix platform. You just need to customize your look and words and ready to launch your business.

Are your Wix templates easy to use?

It’s a question not about our templates, but about Wix as a platform - is it easy to use? Yes, it’s the simplest platform out there. Still, some people find it harder to use than others - but if you approach it with an open mind and invest some time into watching the tutorials and reading the documentation, I can guarantee you’ll become a Wix pro. 


What’s included with each template purchase

  • One template install of your choice

  • A bunch of website design tutorials, such as Creative Biz Expert and template-specific tutorials that will walk you through setup process. 

  • Wix Mastery workshop – masterclass that teaches you the foundations of web design and shows how to build more layouts on top of basics of Wix.

  • Friendly email support – ask us anything about Wix

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